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M80 Machine™ Double-Bright Touch Light


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Meet the SewLite M80 Machine™ Double-Bright Touch Light. This tough tiny task light goes anywhere you choose on your sewing or quilting machine.

What is in the package:

1x M80 Machine™ Double-Bright Touch Light
6x TacDots™ for managing the wire

What is needed to power the light:

1x Android Micro-B Cable

Note: You can use your own Android Micro-B Cable or you can purchase one from us. We offer them in 5 ft (Part # M-C2) and 10 ft (Part # M-C3).

WARRANTY: 5-Year Limited Warranty for manufacturing defects.

Product Instructions: https://lumitask.com/pages/product-instructions

Installation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffh1_uxWPR4 

Patented US  D754,196

Worldwide patents pending

Designed and Assembled in the USA

Additional Information:

Our lighting is made with the latest proprietary Ceramic LEDs for the coolest operating temperature while producing near full-spectrum sunlight white hue. Excellent high definition (HD) and color contrast without the eye fatigue associated with lesser grade lower-cost LEDs.

320 TruLumens™, 80,000 hours LEDs (4 hours/day for 55 years), Lexan® (bulletproof glass window) creates clean error-free soft wide-angle illumination. A powerful micro task light that attaches to any machine or surface. Super low profile, tiny, and nearly invisible.