Welcome to LUMITASK store. Powerful microTask Lighting Solutions by SewLITE for Sewing, Quilting and more. Since 2013.

About Us

Welcome to LUMITASK™, the exclusive factory direct store for everything Sewlite™. We offer innovative high-quality full-color-spectrum HD LED lighting upgrades exclusively for Quilting, Sewing, and Crafting hobbies. 
Our designs are clean, minimalist, evenly lit without harsh glare or inferior materials found in imported lighting. We only use the very best LEDs to absolutely produce the most vivid and natural color of your articles. Ergonomics are well-thought-out to avoid clutter and shadows in your valuable workspace. Models are made available as quick add-ons to machines, wireless wearables, or completely battery-free for the ultimate in convenience and portability.  The best part is everything is based on popular USB cordage and power sources now readily available everywhere. So in summary, you know it's going to work the same anywhere you travel worldwide. 
Everything we sell is designed and meticulously hand-assembled in the USA. Quality Lighting Where you Need It - Since 2013