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Full Spectrum Matters

Not all white light is created equal. This leads to varied color rendering capabilities of white light created by different light sources. In the case of Lumitask artificial electronic light sources (aka: LEDs), we take this subject very seriously and only use the very best LEDs - second only to real natural sunlight. Our goal has remained the same since our debut. #1 Always achieve the very best humancentric lighting possible, second only to real sunlight. Simple.

The lighting we rely upon everyday.

Color is not inherent in objects. The color of an object we perceive is based on our brain’s interpretation of light that the object reflects. White light of different wavelength (color) combinations and angles can render different object colors and thus also different definition or contrast. The color contrast stimulus function depends upon both the light spectrum and the spectral reflectance function of an object. When white light does not contain radiant energy at wavelengths that match the object’s spectral reflectance function with respect our eye's location, the “true” color will not be revealed in reflectance of objects. In order to reproduce the natural color appearance of all objects around us, the light sources that illuminate these objects must deliver adequate amounts of radiant power fairly broadly across the entire visible spectrum at correct angles to your eyes. Directly, head-on and ideally without shadows or light reflected away from you is best. Each one of our products takes this into consideration by allowing for correct best light angle possible per intended application.

The human vision system has evolved to function under natural daylight which is created through the interaction between the earth’s atmosphere and extraterrestrial solar radiation. Natural daylight distributes its radiant energy uniformly throughout the visible spectrum, which enables faithful reproduction of colors of objects around us. This is measured as Color Rendering Index (CRI or Ra).  Our Sun = 100

All of our LEDs on a scale 1 - 10 score consistently score above 9/10 (10=best). Whereas most consumer grade general LED lighting score 7/10 or worse. Often narrow angles or distorted angles.  The difference is HUGE as often demonstrated during our "live" show appearances. So next time we meet in person, ask for our comparison demo and be AMAZED!