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F4 Flex™ USB Bendable Micro Task Light + Nano Tape


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F4 Flex™ USB Bendable Micro Task Light + Nano Tape. The world's smallest, lightest weight, bendable Go Anywhere Micro Task Light that brings dual purpose to your USB rechargeable battery (aka: Cell Phone Power Bank). Hand-made in the USA. Combine with 2x NanoDOTZ™ (included) and you have a ubiquitous multipurpose USB rechargeable light that goes virtually anywhere. 1001 uses. No extra investment is necessary. Light Where You Need It™ Plus, the alternate convenience of your PowerBank for running/charging USB devices (e.g. cell phone, Blue Tooth Headsets, etc.)


Patented US D742,564 S

Worldwide patents pending

Designed and Assembled in USA


Example uses include Sewing Machines, Long Arm Machines, Drill Presses, Routers, Grilling, Power Saws, Camping, Table Top, Inspection Light, Tire Changes, construction, HVAC repairs, hiking, reading, repairing, firearms, night fishing, boating, RV'ing, woodworking, metalworking, crafting, etc.

Colors:  Black

Size: 5.0" x 0.12” x 0.5”

Weight: 1 gram

Light Output: 160 TrueLumens™

Light Source: Proprietary Ceramic HD LEDs

Light Angle: 120°

Light Quality: 5500 - 6000K, 90CRI, full-spectrum

Power Source: 5.0vdc, 1.5W (min.)

ON/OFF: plug-in/un-plug

Connector: USB Type A

Special Feature: Fully bendable up to 1000x

WARRANTY: 2-Year Limited Warranty for manufacturing defects.

NOTE: LW family products are safe for all USB Type A power sources up through latest generation.


Handmade item


 Length: 6


 Height: 2