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TacDots™ 8 pcs Replacement Set


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TACDOTs™ cable anchors exclusively for all MachineLITE™ Micro Task Lights (M40, M80, M120 & M150).

8 piece set

TACDOTs are the best and cleanest method to hold a MachineLITE cord out of the way on sewing machines. They are stealth and very low profile giivng the ability to secure the cord close and flush to machine surfaces or wherever you choose to mount a MachineLITE. Typically six to eight TacDots are sufficient. Tacdots can be partially removed for temporary cable removal by lifting only 1/2 of TacDot from surface. But if total removal and re-attachment occurs more than 3x on your machine, it is normal to replace used TacDots with new.

NOTE 1: for best results, clean all mounting surfaces with at least 40% concentration rubbing alcohol (IPA). Never use WD-40 or other petroleum based products prior to using a TacDot. If using a detergent, rinse well.

NOTE 2: The special bonding chemistry associated with TacDots will become maximum up to 24 hrs later. So be sure to place TacDots in final location or TacDots will become increasingly difficult to remove and re-attach over time.

TacDots are safe for all mounting surfaces.

Worldwide Patents Pending

Handmade item

Materials: LED

Length: 6

Height: 2