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R3M Reach™ Maglux™ Multi Workspace Lamp


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New! LUMi™ R3M Reach™ Zero Gravity Magnetic Workspace Light. Meet the world's first featherlike multi-duty task lamp that defies gravity reaching anywhere with little effort. It has zero weight fatigue and holds rock-steady while weighing just under three ounces!

REACH is quality. Designed and built in USA.

REACH offers endless ways to reach and illumify your workspace. Its pocket-size footprint unwinds into a 16" repositionable reach iilluminating up to1300 square inches.  It's effortlessly mobile, re-attaching to any steel or ferrous surface. Its small super strong ND52 rare earth magnet only requires a 1 x 1 inch landing zone allowing many fit-up options. There's zero wiggle and falling off over time.  Keep your workspace tabletop clutter-free by mounting REACH directly off your machine - sideways! 

Once attached, REACH will shape into limitless positions/angles without any mechanical fatigue or wear out - unlike metal gooseneck lamps. REACH utilizes a unique hollow ball-n-socket neck made with a proprietary polymer that never sags, squeaks, breaks, or requires maintenance. 

ON-OFF operation is by touch on the Head. You'll get our very latest and best TruWhite™ Sun-like high-definition (HD) LED for a vivid color experience. Say goodbye to eye fatigue.

Get the reliable steady "Sunlight" task lighting you need for everywhere other lights can't reach. For Sewing, Quilting, and much more.

  • Repair station lighting
  • Auto repair lighting
  • Machine shop lighting
  • Maintenence / repair lighting
  • Metal cutting lighting
  • Lab lighting
  • Overhead cabinet lighting
  • Overhead shelving lighting
  • Inspection lights
  • Milling machine lighting
  • Chop Saw lighting
  • Table Saw lighting 
  • Band Saw lighting
  • Assembly station lights
  • Automation Vision lighting 
  • Factory lighting 
  • Facilities repair lighting 


What is in the package:

1x R3M Reach™ 16" Magnet Workspace Lamp with removable base
1x 1.0" Dia. Round Magnetic Base
1x USB-C PD Male cord, 6ft
1x USB-C PD 20-watt AC Power Adapter

What is needed to power the light:

1x 120VAC Wall Outlet or Power Strip
1x USB-C PD 5000mAh or higher rated Power Bank or similarly rated socket (optional)

Note: This item utilizes the very latest PD/QC USB-C standard. IMPORTANT: The light will only operate from PD/QC-rated USB-C sources. 

WARRANTY: 5-Year Limited Warranty for manufacturing defects.

Product Instructions: https://lumitask.com/pages/product-instructions

Installation Video: coming soon

Worldwide patents pending

Designed and Assembled in Arizona, USA.

Additional Information:

All of our lighting is made with the latest proprietary Ceramic LEDs for the coolest operating temperature while producing near full-spectrum sunlight TruWhite hue. Reach provides excellent high definition (HD) and color contrast without the eye fatigue associated with lesser grade lower-cost LEDs. High-tech polymers create an ultra-lightweight clean error-free soft wide-angle illumination. ON-OFF is silent and contactless for zero mechanical wear-out. 

Not your old-school metal gooseneck. Instead, we took a different approach utilizing zero-wear polymers. It has just enough friction to hold steady while also having butter-smooth two-finger easy repositioning. Gone are the stiff, springy, or drooping lamps of yesterday. REACH is your go-to powerful limitless bendable task light solution. It sets the bar in quality USB powered task lighting.

Lighter than some earrings and small enough to pack in your purse.


Length: 16" Lamp Neck
Height: 1" Lamp Head
Color: Violet-Turquoise, Custom (contact us)
Min. Bend Radius: >1.5" R
Lamp Weight: 2.9oz
Gross Ship Weight: 6.5oz
Power: USB-C PD Wall Plug or Battery (optional)
Watts: <3.0
Lumens: 500
Color Rendering Index: >90
Color Temperature: 5000 kelvin
Light Life: 80,000-hour LEDs (4 hours/day for 55 years)

Mounting Options: Yes. e.g. Non-metal surfaces, VHB tape, repositionable tape, custom bases, cuatom brackets, screw fasteners, etc. (contact us)

We search the world for the very best. 500 TruLumens™, 80,000-hour LEDs (4 hours/day for 55 years)

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