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TS-1000 ThinSUN™ Long Arm Light


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New! LUMi™ TS-1000 ThinSUN™ Long Arm Light. Meet the world's thinnest brightest stick-up light that fits up and disappears underneath Long Arm and Mid Arm machines. Up to 900% brighter than before.

Once attached, simply use it and forget about it.  The ThinSUN design along with our exclusive thin wire management discs keeps everything hidden.

Unlike traditional large Long Arm lights limited to the handle or needle area, ThinSUN illuminates everything up to a 12 foot bed width. It weighs under 2 ounces and is just under 1/8" thick.  Installs direclty on the Throat Arm.

ON-OFF operation is through a small in-line round button switch. Slotted TacDots™ are included to manage cabling out of the way. You'll get our very latest and best-in-class TruWhite™ HD LED illumination for a fatigue-free vivid high-definition experience.

Get the "Sunlight" ultra-wide angle task lighting that hides away where other lights can't fit or don't adequately illuminate your work. For Long Arms, Mid Arms, Industrial Machines, and more.

What is in the package:

1x   TS-1000 ThinSUN Metal LED w/ Thermal Tape
10x TacDots for managing the cord
1x   USB-C PD Male heavy-duty cord, 10ft
1x   USB-C PD 20-watt AC Power Adapter (fast charge)

What is needed to power the light:

1x 120VAC Wall Outlet or Power Strip
1x USB-C PD 5000mAh or higher rated Power Bank or similar rated socket (optional)

Note: This item utilizes the very latest PD/QC USB-C standard.

IMPORTANT: The light will only operate from PD/QC rated USB-C sources. 

WARRANTY: 5-Year Limited Warranty for manufacturing defects.

Product Instructions: https://lumitask.com/pages/product-instructions

Installation Video: coming soon

Worldwide patents pending
Designed and Assembled in Arizona, USA.

Additional Information:

All of our lighting is made with the latest proprietary Ceramic LEDs for the coolest operating temperature while producing a full-spectrum sunlight white hue. Excellent high definition (HD) and color contrast without the eye fatigue associated with lesser grade lower-cost LEDs. We search the world for the very best.

1600 TruLumens™, 80,000 hour LEDs (4 hours/day for 55 years). 

ThinSUN can be adapted to many situations and applications beyond the underside of a Long Arm.  ThinSUN can be run by a USB-C PD AC Wall-Plug or portable a USB-C PD Power Bank. 


Dimension: 5" x 1.5" x 1/8"
Cord Length: 10'
Lumens: 1600  CCT: 4500K  CRI: 90
Power: 10 watts
Body: metal
Lamp Weight: 1.7oz
Gross Weight: 4.5oz
Recyclable: Yes
Mounting Options: None. Must mount to a metal surface greater than 50 sq-in to allow for sufficient thermal cooling (contact us for questions)


PB20-Q 20,000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank (3hrs runtime, fast charge)
PB40-Q 40,000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank (6hrs runtime, fast charge)
(contact us for more information)