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N4 Neck™ Hands-Free Adjustable 2AA Battery Neck Light


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Meet N4 Neck™ Hands-Free Adjustable 2AA Battery Neck Light (aka: NeckLight™) the worlds lightest weight tiny personal wear micro Task Light that goes where you go. Installs and adjusts in seconds around your neck. Easy slide ON-OFF switch single hand operation and setup. Adjustable to ANY height and angle with no extra cords hanging in your way. Utilizes all of the same latest LED tech found in our famous MT family of products. Traditionally worn around the neck for Hands-Free Lighting experience facing forward. Perfect for detail and hand-work, but also fantastic as an everyday task light that puts light in front of you, but not in others faces (e.g. Headlights or Headlamps). Excellent for Reading, Cooking, Campgrounds, RV's, Walks, Passenger, Air Travel, or waiting at your next appointment



* 160 TruLumens™, wide 150 degree angle illumination

* Highest Lumens/gram wearable LED technology in the world running common AA batteries

* Proprietary Ceramic LED technology, Sunlight White Hue, HD contrast illumination

* IP63 water resistant

* Fast Setup/Install onto your neckline using our exclusive Magnetic Quick Release Lanyard design

* 16 inch up/down range + 360° infinite light angle rotation positioning

* Also works as a "domino" block light for stable positioning onto flat surfaces near tasks needing lighting

* Small flat size attaches to most any surface using 3M Dual Lock Command Tape™

* Runs on ANY AA Battery Chemistry or Type: Lithium, NiCAD, Li-Ion, NiMH, Alkaline, Carbon-Zinc, LiPo, LiFePH

* Compatible with USB-AA rechargeable batteries (contact us direct to learn more)

* Optional Solar batteries available for 100% maintenance free operation (contact us direct to learn more)

* Assorted Lanyard Colors (contact us directly for special color requests)

* Limited lifetime warranty

* How To Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5WO-_3C2W4


NOTICE: This device contains strong magnetic parts. Please use appropriate precautions.


Patented US  D754,896

Worldwide patents pending

Designed and assembled in the USA


Handmade item


Materials: LED


Length: 6


Height: 2