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MachineLITE™ Sales Primer Kit (FREE*): MT40/80/120/spare Point of Sale


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This item is for DEALERS AND SHOPS POINT OF SALE (POS) USE ONLY. NOT FOR CONSUMERS. Limit one (1) POS per store per customer per qualifying order. Please provide your business name, resale certificate, approving manager or buyer name, business shipping address with your order.
Our Sales Primer Kit has everything you need for a full line "customer interactive" display in your store or at your show.

3 pcs MT MachineLITES™: MT40, MT80, MT120 (countertop placement)
1 USB-A to 4x Micro USB receptacles (spare receptacle for sewing machine placement - user-provided MT model of choice)
1 USB-A to USB-A Extension Cord
1 USB-A 5 watt Wall Plug-in AC Charging Adapter
1 "How to" Sign Arrow (sewing machine placement)
10 pcs TacDots™ to secure wires to countertop

Meet the entire MachineLITE™ family in one compact interactive setting for your shop customers. Customers can navigate the full line quickly for brightness comparison straight-on for maximum effect. Each model is double brightness previous beginning with MT40. 1-2-3. Excellent cost vs. benefit buying decisions is now easily made vs. wall hanging packaging alone. Sell-thru is dramatically increased by up to 50x over typical static non-interactive hanging packaged products.

Designed just for shops and retail stores. The tiny full-spectrum "sunlight" replicating task light POS display cleanly illustrates how it goes anywhere customers choose for their sewing or quilting machine. MachineLITE is a "slimline minimalist" design that speaks hand-made attention-to-detail, quality materials, and workmanship, amazing visual clarity. Operation is by simple finger Touch using built-in Sensa™ electronic switch in a Lexan® clear hard shell casing. No sliding/rocker switch to fail or to add bulk. A faint blue glow guides you where to touch. In this case, up to four units can be touched and tried out sequentially.

Once installed, everything "disappears" on your machine and your countertop. You literally won't know its there as everything is kept very flush and stealthy to the machine itself – never getting in the way of your primary task of using your machine and valuable work-space without hindrance. Light Where You Need It.

Example Install Video Link: http://bit.do/MT80 (copy to your browser)

We only use the very latest proprietary Japanese Ceramic LEDs for the lowest operating temperature while producing near full-spectrum sunlight white hue. Class-leading high definition (HD) and brilliant color contrast are achieved on fabric without the eye fatigue associated with lesser grade lower-cost LEDs producing weak "moonlight" blue and purple hues.

* FREE | FREE | FREE This POS promotion is absolutely 100% FREE to use in the first 10 days for product sales evaluation purposes. After 10-days, the POS remains as FREE indefinitely so long as recurring Sewlite orders totaling $500. (retail value) or more continue at least once every running 90 day period. Else, the POS should be returned (customer responsible for the shipping) to Sewlite or become billable for full $110. value. The POS can be purchased at any time as well. Call us direct for details or questions. The purpose of our offer is for you to succeed with the same as observed/commented at our many roadshows. (480) 898-0081 M - F 8a - 2p M - F (AZT).


1) This item is NOT intended for public resale. It is for the sole purpose of displaying for sale the MT family of LED Micro Touch Task Lights (Dealer Only Inquiries Please).
2) These lights do NOT plug into an Android cell phone but instead, work only from powered Android Micro USB "B" cables. MT family products are safe for all mounting surfaces.

WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime for manufacturing defects only. Exchange for repair or replacement.

Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Worldwide Patents Pending

Handmade item

Materials: LED

Length: 6

Height: 2